Tips, Application, & Removal

Our EmperialGlo press on nails are made thin at the cuticles with a natural curve for a comfortable and true nail fit. Each set comes with a variety of sizes to provide a true fit, but are also easily filed if needed to adjust to your liking. 

Application Instructions:

  1. Size & select each nail to the best fit (smaller nail sizes are in a baggie under the nail cushion). File to adjust for a perfect fit if needed.

    EmperialGlo Step 1 - Nail Selection
  2. Soften & push cuticles back with the orange wood stick or cuticle pusher. Remove any dead cuticles with nippers if needed/desired. 

    EmperialGlo Step 2 - Push Cuticle
  3. File & buff nails. Dust off any debris to reveal clean, sparkling nails that are ready for press on nails. Optional: Apply nail hardener for extra nail bed protection.

    EmperialGlo Step 3 - File and Buff
  4. Apply nail glue or nail stickie on your nail bed/press on nails. Remember, a little glue goes a long way. You want a nice thin layer of glue that won't overflow. Press nails onto your nail bed and hold for 15-25 seconds until adhesion is dry.

    EmperialGlo Step 4 - Apply Glue and Press On

And you're done! If applied with nail glue, nails can last up to 2 weeks. Nail stickies are great for temporary wear, 2-3 days. 

Removal Instructions:

  1. Soak nails in warm, soapy water for 10-15 minutes. Use an orange wood stick (or cuticle pusher) to slightly lift the seal off the edge while soaking to help expedite removal process, but DO NOT forcibly pop nails off (unless you want to thin out your nail beds... which you don't).

    EmperialGlo Removal 1 - Soapy, Warm Water Soak

  2. Using an orange wood stick, slowly lift nails from nail bed. Repeat soak as needed.

    EmperialGlo Removal 2 - Remove

If used nail stickies, nails should easily come off and be ready for re-use! Remove any residue from nails before storing. 

If used nail glue, you will need to soak a little longer to ensure easy removal. Don't be impatient like a certain EmperialGlo cofounder who half soaks and half pries off. Use the organize wood stick or cuticle pusher to remove any glue reside and nails should be good for re-use as well!